About winningnumber.co.za

winningnumber.co.za was created as a free service for all to use. This website was created with the intention of hopefully generating a winning set of numbers for one or many lucky persons.
If you look at how almost all lotteries are drawn, you will see that the numbers are drawn completely at random and therefore I believe that by randomly generating your set of numbers, you are highly increasing your chances of hitting the jackpot!

Sure there are a lot of websites, that claim that they have the software to calculate your best odds and maybe some of them do work, but I personally feel that if the numbers are generated at random then there is no such thing as a program that can “predict” or “calculate” the winning number, but that is just my opinion.

For the rest of you that feel the same way as I do about the Randomness of the numbers that are drawn, please feel free to use this Lotto Generator, and who knows? Maybe you hit the Jackpot! Please remember me if you do hit the jackpot by using this generator… wink wink :)

And that just about sums up what this website is about.